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Stavros Grillis is saying about his story: Since I remember myself, I always liked highly-tuned cars. But what made me more impression was drifting. Whatever I was driving I was trying to make it slide. I didn’t know what was drifting in the very early years… I just liked sliding. When I was 3 years old my father had made me a plastic toy Atv with electric motor and I was drifting with it around oil tanks. I really liked that. Later, it came an 100cc 3-wheel ATV when I was 4 and I was doing donuts with it. I was also driving Go Karts. At 5 it was the 1st time I drove a Honda Civic EF. That was my very first car. It started with an extended handbrake, later it came a RWD Mazda, later my father’s BMW E30. I was pushing slowly slowly more and more. At 11 I started drifting in competitions. And from there with dedication and hard work we move forward…

It didn’t even pass through my mind that the young kid which drove his Honda Civic around my workshop, one day will compete in one of the top Drift Championships in the world. Stavros has a big story. I still remember him telling me at the age of about 6 years old that one day he will compete in drift competitions. I wish him good luck and I will always be next to him.

Stavros' Father words

Mihalis Grillis

stavros grillis car front
Stavros Grillis' History...

My History


Baby Steps

I started driving at the age of 5 years around my father’s workshop. 2 years later, I really wanted to start drifting, so he started teaching me the first basic steps.


The Adventure Starts

At the age of 9, I started making demo runs as guest star in events around Greece.

2013 - 2017

First Rewards

When I turned 11, I started drifting in races in Cyprus with several podiums, wins and good performances.


European Championships

In 2018, I started competing in European championships having a solid performance. I got 2 2nd places in 2 consecutive European races in Greece.


Drift Kings European Championship

In 2019, we followed almost the whole Drift
Kings European Championship with 1 podium and 6th place overall after some bad luck and issues.


Drift Masters European Championship

In 2021, we were accepted to compete in Drift Masters European Championship,
one of the best Drift Championships in the world, with the best drift drivers in the world. We left the best impressions but a broken gearbox didn’t let us make the whole championship.

2021 finished with a 1st place in qualifications and 2nd overall in Cyprus Drift Championship.


Drift Masters European Championship

For 2022 we will get more ready than ever with new gearbox and the car in its best shape.

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